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Thing 1 FULL CD.mp3

If you haven't heard of the new double album, Collaboration that Joe Peters, long time SAMI member, is releasing, buckle up for some incredible songs by Joe and a host of other of his friends. Click the link above to hear the first 16 songs!   

This 27 song compilation features Joe and approx 20 SAMI artists in the lyric and music writing, singing, recording and engineering, and graphic arts. Almost all of the instrumentation and musical arrangements are by Michael Kelsey:   This first half of this monster collaboration was recorded, engineered and mixed at five separate locations including our own SAMI REC Room Studios in Lafayette,,  and Kelsey’s Playground in Indianapolis, IN by the one and only, Michael Kelsey.  Believe me when I tell you that you will be surprised at how good these songs are with their rich mixture of talents.  Each song is unique and individual, yet seamless and a part of the whole. You are in for a treat! (see the credits and liner notes below for the first full CD of the compilation)
Thing 1 - Pilgrimage to a Better World (words by warriors, zombies & other joedai pilgrims, music by Joe Peters except as noted)
1 One More Time (3:03)* words by Rick Mummey, vocals by Rick Mummey
2 Remember the Good Times (4:48)* words by Gini Graham Scott, vocals by Eric Hicks
3 Lame Jones (4:11)# words by Joe Peters, vocals by Bill Price (inspired by Terry Lyons photos)
4 Hey Mary (4:27)+ words by Mike Stephens, vocals by Barrett Myers
5 Red Vase (3:03)* words by Charlie Walmsley, vocals by Jim Brehm & Linda Hicks
6 Fourth of July (3:40)^ words by Gini Graham Scott, vocals by Lee Anna Atwell
7 I Found Myself (3:33)! words by Joe Peters, vocals & music by Liz E. Brooks, cello & guitar by Liz E. Brooks
                                    The Veteran Trilogy
8 Blood (3:16)! words by Gary Allison, vocals by Joe Peters
9 Alone (3:15)!* words by Gary Allison, vocals by Joe Peters, Kyra Allana & Linda Hicks
10 Gary (3:45)" words by Joe Peters, vocals by Joe Peters (inspired by a song assignment at Lamb’s Retreat (John D. Lamb))
11 Sparks (1:28)"
12 God Talker (2:11)* words by Joe Peters, vocals by Linda Hicks & Jim Brehm, cello by Liz E. Brooks (inspired by a song challenge from Indy Folk Series)
13 Power Thru (3:29)! words by Rick Mummey, vocals by Rick Mummey
14 Cyberqueen (2:25)$ words by Gini Graham Scott, vocals by Chase Cotten
15 Zombie Basketball (2:43)! words & music by Mike Byers, vocals by Michael Longcor
16 COVID Collabs (2:15)" words & music by Joe Peters
Michael Kelsey, most instrumentation, back up vocals, arrangements, recording, mixing, mastering, except as noted
Joe Peters, all music except as noted, some acoustic guitar
Vocals recorded as follows
# Michael Graham at The Lodge Recording Studios, Indianapolis, IN
! Michael Kelsey at Kelsey’s Playground, Indianapolis, IN
* Hans & Brittany Rees at REC Room Recording, Lafayette, IN
^ Ethan Bates at REC Room Recording, Lafayette, IN
+ Gibson Wells at REC Room Recording, Lafayette, IN
$ Chase Cotten at home, Lebanon, IN
“ Joe Peters at home, Walnut Creek, CA
Graphic design by Mike Byers
lyrics to:
COVID Collabs By Joe Peters, October 2020

Broke my toe in January, turned too old in February
Along came March and blew us all away
All of April I never went out, May rolled in and left no doubt
By June this thing had simply runaway
Then friends sent lyrics and poems and things
I grabbed my guitar and plucked the strings
Before too long these songs found wings
So I bought some gear and learned to use it
Made two-track demos that sounded like sh..
A magic man then turned them into hits
We searched for singers in mid-July, by the end of August they had multiplied
In late September it all came together
Throughout October we mixed and matched, November made sure these babies hatched
Come December they were smooth as Spanish leather
Thank you COVID for collaboration, from one end to the other of this mighty nation
There’s strength in numbers we shall overcome

Here is an excerpt from a recent email that Joe sent to his many fans across the country that explains further:
Here’s how it’s gone down for the most part: friends sent me lyrics, poems, photos, ideas, and I put em to music. I then made two-track demos (guitar and vocals), and sent these to my main collaborator back in Indiana, the wizard Michel Kelsey (, who worked up arrangements, a process we call Kelsification. These Kelsified tracks were then mostly sent, without my vocals, to the brand new REC Room Recording studio ( Lafayette, Indiana, where a procession of singer friends of mine recorded new vocals for the tracks. These vocal tracks were then sent back to Kelsey to be loaded into the existing mixes, along with any additional/new instrumentation deemed appropriate… ~Joe

As a final note about this project: There is another whole 2nd CD to talk about next month!  Just wait until you see what our SAMI poet and lyricist, Frederick Michaels, and Joe have come up with!  More to come in December's newsletter!