Join us at our next regular song sharing meeting:

Third Tuesday of Every Month, 7:30 pm - 9:30 pm
Imagination Station Address: 600 N 4th St, Lafayette, IN 47901 (map)

About SAMI

SAMI is a dues paying member organization of the Tippecanoe Arts Federation

SAMI was co-founded in 1992 by songwriter's Scott Greeson, Shirley Martin, Anita Wood, Mark Skidmore and Brian Koning as a resource for the purpose of education, encouragement, networking and development of songwriters in mid-north Indiana.

Through the means of workshops, showcases and monthly meetings, SAMI has sustained growth through unselfish support of area musicians.

The Shirley Martin Scholarship for Young Songwriters supports young songwriters in memory of Shirley Martin who passed away November 10, 1998.

Each December SAMI Members elect officers:

2016 SAMI Board
Co-Presidents- Nicky Rood & Scott Greeson
Vice President- Annie Hatke Schap
Secretary- Cheryl Fletcher
Treasurer- Michael Longcor
Web Image Consultant -
Shirley Martin Scholarship Coordinator - T.J. Rosa
New Venue Development Chair

If you are interested in filling a vacant spot or serving in any capacity, please contact one of the officers listed above. Your help is highly valued!

Sponsors and Supporters:

Mike and Pam Byers
Mr. & Mrs. Ron Finney
Scott Greeson & Vickie Maris in Memory of Jan
Indiana Fiddlers’ Gathering
Lafayette Journal and Courier
The Family of Mike Lane
Joe & Dai Peters in loving memory of Bill & Billie Peters
James and Teresa Rohler
SAMI members’ families and friends
Tippecanoe Arts Federation
WBAA, National Public Radio from Purdue University