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Monday, November 15, 2021

SAMI Gathering November 16 and the Minutes from the Annual Board Meeting


We will have our monthly in-person SAMI Gathering in the SAMI studio (lower level of the Tippecanoe Arts Federation) plus online via Zoom on Tuesday November 16th at 7:30pm.  If you want to attend virtually and do not have the permanent Zoom link or need information about this meeting, please contact Cheryl Fletcher at:

The SAMI Board of Directors met in-person and virtually on Monday November 8, 2021.  The following are the minutes from that meeting:

Monday, November 8, 2021: 7:30pm- 8:30pm
In attendance: 
  1. President Scott Greeson  
  2. Vice-President Michele Newman 
  3. Secretary Cheryl Fletcher 
  4. Treasurer Todd Williams
  5. New Venue Development Chris June 
  6. Vice Pres of Studio Operations Ethan Bates (not present) 
  7. Michael Longcor board member
  8. Attorney Rebecca Trent 
  9. Scholarship Coordinator Justice Fuller (not present)
General Membership attendees:
Corbin Stanchfield
Proposed meeting subject: 2021 Year-end Board meeting, Review and Planning
  1. Opening Statement and General info update from Scott Greeson:  Welcome to everyone present.  “Lots of good things going on.”  Scott asked each attendee about their lives and current music projects. 
  2. First Fridays: Michele Newman There has been a staffing turnover at TAF, so there has been a lack of coordination for a little while that complicated scheduling and communications.  That seems to be resolved now. Winter poses obvious problems with outside performances and outdoor dining.  At least 8 small businesses are willing to host musicians.  Some of these businesses have very small spaces set aside, so larger music acts are difficult to place.  Anyone wanting to play should let Michele know so that she can match them up for First Fridays through the coming months.
  3. Financial Update: Todd Williams gave a Treasurer’s report and financial update. The actual report is filed under the Financial Docs for SAMI 2021 in Google Drive.          
  4. Studio Update: Scott Greeson (for Ethan Bates) An anonymous person has donated 2 expensive equipment upgrades to REC Room studio.  SAMI will resell the older equipment. Cheryl suggested that better communication between the studio and the general SAMI membership would increase interest and help the membership understand what is happening in the studio.  It was suggested that a monthly ‘report’ of sorts could be included in the emailed newsletter.  What projects are being produced and what community events the studio is involved in can be listed as well as links to the newly released music. 
  5. Grant Update: Scott Greeson  SAMI was awarded a second grant of $123,000.  The grant will be used to eliminate the sound leakage in the closets of the studio, sonically treat TAF’s dance studio with sound suppression with the goal of adding a much needed rehearsal and performance space, adding new cameras and wiring upstairs linked to the REC Room studio downstairs to allow multi-channel recording, and purchase and install more elaborate lighting with controllers upstairs that will improve performance and video work.  The end objective is to use the proceeds of this grant to enhance the performance and recording spaces in the building and allow live streaming for the community.  TAF was renovated and redesigned about 3 years ago, but there were some heating and cooling airflow flaws that have caused noise issues. Separate from the grant, the architect and engineers have met and will start making corrections to TAF next month.  Matt Call will probably be in charge of heading that up
  6. 501c3: Rebecca Trent the process is held up with the IRS. We are waiting to have a specialist assigned to our case in order to move forward.
  7. Internships at REC Room: Scott Greeson  Corbin Stanchfield has been interning with REC Room by helping with various events that REC Room is involved with. Corbin is learning various aspects including videography and has been integral with the ATLYS project recently produced.  The other intern at REC Room is a young lady that wants to be a broadcaster.  Hans and Brittany have worked with her.
  8. Facebook Security Chris June has brought to the board’s attention that Facebook is changing the policy regarding public and private groups.  The SAMI Facebook group defaults to public, which means that anyone can see posts on the page without being admitted as a member of the page.  It is the new goal to set in place moderation to prevent spam and irrelevant posts.  This issue is being looked into and dealt with by Chris and Cheryl.
  9. Open Forum:
Chris June has partnered June IND with NOISEtrends, (Frank Muffin,) to create a music cooperative.  Chris said, “We’ve discovered that you can get more done together than separately.”  He also said that they hope to widen the net to bring more people into this idea of cooperation. By coordinating events, promotions, and venues, they eliminate a great deal of competition for those gigs. June IND will donate all online streaming revenue to LTHC Homeless Services this month.
Scott and Malachi Jaggers have co-written the song, “An American Hero” that was recorded in Nashville. Malachi’s most recent album, “Fearless,” is receiving attention and is in contention for a Grammy. 
Hans and Brittany Rees, Frank Muffin are working on a benefit performance on the 27th of November at Carnahan Hall.  They will be reenacting the band and characters in “The Last Waltz” from The Band. All money raised will go to The Arc that Promotes and protects the human rights of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.
Cheryl is working with Chris June to add a button to the website for both donations to SAMI’s general fund and for the annual SAMI dues.  Chris said that he will work on designing the graphics and then add them to the web page with the appropriate links attached. The goal is to simplify and streamline the donation process.

Todd asked about putting together the 2022 budget.  Scott answered that it will be worked on and approved at a future date separate from this board meeting.
The next SAMI Board meeting (2022) will take place in April - TBA

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