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Thursday, September 05, 2019

A Message From the President

Scott Greeson: 2019 SAMI President

For twenty seven years, SAMI has served the songwriting community through mentoring, education and commitment to each other. SAMI’s unequivocal success can largely be attributed to the unselfish and giving nature of its members. Members have learned that through community growth, comes personal growth. When you consider the areas of the United States that are leaders in the music industry, you will always find a solid group of people like SAMI, committed to the continuous improvement of the artistic community in which they exist. Do I believe that Lafayette could become the next Nashville, Asheville or Austin, with a world class music scene that people come to be a part? The answer is ‘yes!’ You might ask how that could happen; well my friends, the seeds have been planted. With an increasing number of quality venues, theaters, festivals and artists, we are primed for exponential growth.  
While I firmly believe that SAMI is on the cusp of exponential growth, I think it’s critical to never forget what has gotten us to this point as a group. Simply put, it is our practice to foster an environment at events, meetings and performances where people are safe, comfortable and welcome. These elements are the foundation of our organization without exception. 
With this said I am reaffirming our expectation that SAMI members and leaders are, at all times, to conduct themselves professionally and with respect towards each other.
  • The SAMi organization will not accept discrimination of others at sponsored events or meetings.
  • The SAMI organization will not accept harassment of any kind, by one member to another via email, phone, text or social media. Behaviors of this kind are strictly prohibited.
  • An authenticated violation of these policies by any individual will result in disaffiliation from the SAMI organization. 

If you see or are concerned for someone, feel you are experiencing, or have witnessed this type of behavior within our organization, I would ask that you reach out to a SAMI leader immediately. 
Yes, these are tough topics to address, but if we are to see our full potential we must maintain a safe environment at all times. If you have questions please reach out to me.
Now let’s go write some songs!


Scott Greeson
Co-Founder of SAMI, SAMI President