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Sunday, October 01, 2017

SAMI Songwriters Association of Mid-north Indiana

The number one thing changing is our meeting space at TAF.  Come April, the Tippecanoe Arts Federation will be closing for a whole year to renovate the building.  That means that SAMI will be assigned a to-be-announced, alternate meeting space.  Until then SAMI still has use of the Fiddlers Room in the lower level of TAF if we choose to use it.

Should we redesign SAMI?

Because of the TAF closing and declining number of people coming to meetings, a few questions arise:  Do we want to redesign the SAMI meeting? Are people wanting something different than what is currently offered at the monthly meetings? Can we offer songwriters something to entice them to be more involved? The mailing list is approaching 160 people, but only a handful of people have been showing up at meetings, and no one wants to fill the empty board positions. Why is this? How do we get more people involved in our group?

In effect, where should SAMI go from here?

The Songwriters Association of Mid-north Indiana was founded as a resource for the purpose of education, encouragement, networking and development of songwriters in mid-north Indiana.  Through the means of workshops, showcases and monthly meetings, SAMI has sustained growth through the unselfish support of area musicians.

Attendance and participation is essential to maintaining the beneficial feedback we get from fellow songwriters when we write new songs.  The Shirley Martin Scholarship has changed lives! SAMI has been a presence in the musical community with numerous live performance opportunities offered to its members. SAMI is an amazing network when we combine talents and time. Lifelong friendships, and many excellent songs have begun with SAMI. Perhaps some member input is just what we need right now.  If you have something you'd like to contribute to the discussion, please email:

Thank you, 
Cheryl Fletcher
SAMI Secretary

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