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Monday, November 20, 2006

FastForward: Digital Downloads

From joedai!

Indie Does Digital
Table of contents:
Indie Does Digital
Digital Download Glossary
IMWS Studio Spotlight
Sell your music on DigStation
IMWS Northeast Winner Crowned
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A recent report indicates that digital download sales are up 106% from last year, represent 11% of music sales worldwide, and add up to $945 million. Digital distribution is big money, and when labels see a loss of revenue from a product they own the rights to, they will try to find ways to recoup and limit their losses.

The issue of digital downloads is also a hot topic among independent artists, though the conversation has a different timbre. The indie argument centers more on the value of publicity versus lost revenue.

Independent artists, as a general rule, have a grassroots revenue stream: gig revenue combined with CD, t-shirt, and merch sales represent a large bulk of the money an independent musician can hope to earn, and most of these sales come through hand-to-hand sales at gigs. Certainly CD sales through web storefronts and band web sites can play a significant role in sales, but indie artists often have little to lose when it comes to digital piracy. For most indie artists, the goal is to increase awareness, attract fans, and create a buzz.

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Digital Download Glossary
Learn to speak digital

DRM or Digital Rights Management: Any of several technologies used by publishers (or copyright owners) to control access to and usage of digital data (such as software, music, movies, etc.) and hardware, handling usage restrictions associated with a specific instance of a digital work. DRM techniques include Microsoft's PlaysForSure, Apple's FairPlay, watermarking, and fingerprinting. Most internet music stores employ DRM to restrict the usage of music purchased and downloaded online.

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IMWS Studio Profile: Northeast '06
Big Sky Audio

October 1, 2006 marked Big Sky Audio's 15th anniversary, and finds owner Drew Raison enthusiastic about what's lined up for the future. Prospective Broadway deals have the potential to change the landscape of the studio's business model, and the current spate of projects keeps Raison optimistic and proud of Big Sky's ability to remain a recording facility catering almost exclusively to music production.

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Fast Forward Spotlight
Build A Buzz at

Since 1996, has been serving the independent music community with streaming audio, podcasts, reviews, a huge industry search directory, and success-building resources. The web site offers a wealth of information to artists trying to survive and thrive in today's competitive music industry.

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