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Saturday, August 05, 2006

The Door-to-Door Sales Experiment

A little background
  1. I've got a lot of Trouble With Monday (TWM) CD's in my front room
  2. In TWM, each band member gets so many CD's to sell on their own and keep the profits.
  3. My 12 year-old daughter was complaining about not having any money.
Solution: door-to-door sales!

I couldn't talk Caitlin into doing it so I said "I'll try it!". Caitlin said "I'm going with you!" So Caitlin and I got the portable CD player ( or "boombox" as they used to be called ), bought some "C" batteries for it and took a box of TWM CD's.

We choose a newer suburban neighborhood to start. It was about 7:30 pm on a Thursday evening.

We talked to 5 people.
  1. "Come back later"
  2. Sale!
  3. "No, thanks"
  4. "Not interested, but it sounds good"
  5. "Come back tomorrow"
If we could keep this up, then every 5 people we talk to, 1 would buy a CD! That's 20% and pretty good from my knowledge of sales.

I wasn't too pushy. I don't want to cause more harm than good afterall. Of the 5 houses, 3 seemed fascinated by the fact that people right here in Lafayette were making original music.

However, Caitlin had had enough after 5 houses.

We'll probably try this again. But I just wonder if there's some kind of door-to-door permit we need to get. Also, I'd go out on a Saturday probably when people are at home and outside.

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