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Thursday, August 17, 2006

Best way to boost your CD sales is to make it easy for people to buy

It sounds obvious, but I've found in all my years of running CD Baby,
that the best-selling artists are the ones who made it EASY for their
fans to buy!

The "navigation" bar of your website should have a link to buy your
music. If you have a MySpace page, there should be an easy link for
people who are listening to BUY it. Emails to your fans should
include links to buy your CD.

(And don't just bury it in small print at the bottom of your

I've always tried to make this very easy, to give you a nice short
simple URL for each CD, and tools like a shopping cart you can put on
your website.

I hope this helps!

Derek Sivers, CD Baby, HostBaby <-- opportunities here, always <-- web hosting for musicians

(submitted by Joedai Warriors)

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